We have personal body guards on stand by for my heavy hitters. The protection of you, and your family are our # 1 priority. Most of my body guards are ex military and ex special forces. We also have bullet proof limos on stand by. We can pick you up in our private jet from Scottsdale Air Park with ample security. If you have your own security team, by all means, bring them. We will accommodate you, and your team.

Helping America’s Movie Stars Buy and Sell Luxury Homes in Arizona. Your Celebrity Luxury Real Estate Specialist in Arizona. 480-323-5365

With over 30 years of experience in helping people buy and sell luxury property in Arizona! I have no problem offering 20% below asking price for my buyers. With firm negotiations, I will get you the very best price available.
We represent Arizona’s finest luxury Real Estate every single day
Nicholas McConnell 480-323-5365

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