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Amira Nature foods stock analysis

The surprisingly released quarterly report put a stop to the bleeding.

The value is immense if the numbers are legit and no credit issues arise.

The question is what will be the catalysts for ANFI not being a value trap again like it was in the past.

I have been covering Amira Nature Foods (ANFI) for about 3 years now and I must say nothing can surprise me anymore. It is a thinly traded stock with not much institutional ownership and therefore up to the mercy of retail investors and a few smaller hedge funds.

As the management didn’t communicate anything for about 5 months it is easy for investors to panic especially when the stock starts drifting lower. After the last earnings report in November I explained how the risks have increased as my previously estimated catalysts for the company didn’t materialize and the radio silence from the management certainly didn’t aid the stock. Nevertheless, probably in response to the bleeding stock price the management surprisingly issued a quarterly report which is something they haven’t done for about two years that came as a rescue to the stock price.

Please enjoy the video where I discuss the released earnings report and analyse the risk reward for the stock.

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