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While some people are handed everything on a silver platter, just because someone is at the top doesn’t mean it was always that way. In fact, many of the wealthiest people in the world started their journeys in slums and orphanages. Many of them even credit their hardship with giving them the motivation, understanding, and personality required to make it to the top. These are 25 inspirational rags to riches stories.

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Andrew Carnegie
Oprah Winfrey
Maria Das Gracas Silva Foster
Sam Walton
Chris Gardner
Ingvar Kamprad
J.K. Rowling
Jim Carrey
Sheldon Adelson
Kirk Kerkorian
John D. Rockefeller
Leonardo Del Vecchio
Li Ka-shing
Howard Schultz
Ursula Burns
John Paul DeJoria
Guy Laliberté
Do Won Chang
George Soros
Zdenek Bakala
Harold Simmons
Richard Desmond
Harry Wayne Huizenga
Richard Branson
Roman Abramovich

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