Welcome back to another episode here on the Oshay Duke Jackson Channel. A lot of people ask the question: “Should I start a Black based business?” The reasons why people ask this is because always say that the lack of Black Support is why people migrate from the Black based business algorithm. For this, many Black entrepreneurs are looking to reach national markets where their products or services can reach a range of people. However, I feel the lack of developing niche markets in Black based communities is one of the reasons why the Black economy does not develop. We need more Black Businesses that focus on African Americans.

Fabrar Rice in Liberia Video:

4 Reasons Why You Need To get Black To Business:

4 Reasons why you NEED to get Black to Business

The Six Top Reasons Why Black Businesses Fail:

The Top 6 Reasons Black Businesses Fail

Why Black People Don’t Start Businesses:


Black Buying Power:


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