Article Image: WSU QB Tyler Hilinski Dead from Apparent Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wound

According to police located in Washington, 21-year-old, Tyler Hilinski was found dead in a Pullman apartment. Hilinski was a Washington State Quarterback from California and it is believed that he shot himself in the head at his apartment.

Hilinski was a sophomore in college and was a former recruit with a 4-star rating. People became concerned when Hilinski never showed up for practice on Tuesday. Authorities were contacted and when they arrived at the apartment in Pullman they found his body, a rifle, and a suicide note on Tuesday night. Police are investigating to be certain this was an act of suicide.

A reporter from Seattle Times, Stefanie Loh, knew of Hilinski because she covered Washington State. She expressed how upset she was over his death in a tweet, stating how she felt “Tyler Hilinski was gregarious, cheerful and respectful to both the media and his teammates.” However, taking into account that everyone should respect and be kind to one another because we never know the issues someone else is facing.

Kirk Schulz, the president of Washington State reacted to the news on Twitter, informing the Hilinski family that they were thinking about and praying for them.

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