Very long video today with a lot of information to take in, hard to do all in one take! Cryptocurrency is nearing the lowest RSI its had in months and historically we can expect new all time highs to be set in the near future, judging by bitcoins performance. So cryptocurrency will explode soon, due to it being way oversold. This means the whales are coming and coming fast. JPmorgan’s ‘bitcoin bible’ will also help whales to make that decision!

Bitcoin analysis:
Mining Malware:
JPMorgan bitcoin bible:
John mcafee apology:
Hitbtc warning:
Icon FDIO:
Vechain partnership:
Vechain meets belgium vp:
Waltonchain partnership:
Litecoin on the dark web:


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**Legal Disclaimer** – This video is not professional financial advice, just my personal research & opinion.

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