Entertainment Industry Executive Tiffany Gaines, has been building a name for herself as a woman of integrity and professionalism for more than a decade. Currently holding more than ten positions in both the entertainment and hotel industries, she has soon preserved the highest levels of professional and personal ethics by maintaining a long-term stability in providing access to a network spectrum of quality entertainment sources to both sides of the business.

She’s currently the Business Manager for Curtis Young, Son of the Iconic Dr Dre and Executive Board of Director for Forever Young Legacy. She’s also the Business Manager for former drug Kingpin, now currently Amazon’s best seller/Author/Philanthropist Freeway Rick Ross, Urban Pop sensation, singer/songwriter Myko and Billboard charting, national recording artist and designer Christine Storm. She’s also the CEO of LRT Entertainment, Owner and Founder of SS (SHARED SUCCESS) Music Group/BLASIA’S ENTERTAINMENT LLC (A global online marketing agency/distribution company currently marketing and distributing for over 3,000 artists worldwide), Label Manager for Rick Ross Music Group and Senior Director of Marketing for Monsta Squadd Productionz.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science with an emphasis on Law and Society, she has proved herself not only as one with intelligence and skill, but also a serious determined business woman and entrepreneur. Born of a mixed race; both African American and Taiwanese descent, she has used to her advantage the ability to speak Mandarin fluently in communication with the international global aspects of the business. She currently represents a select few of international clientele in both Japan and China for those seeking to raise or re-position their public profile in the Entertainment Industry.

In addition to her extensive resume, she is also a partner and International Hotel Broker for the National Hotels Association (A global network offering hotels at discounted wholesale rates holding contracts with over 750,000 hotels worldwide) servicing her entire platform of Artists, Producers, CEO’s, Label owners, promoters, booking agencies and corporate companies saving her clients up to 75% off retail prices online.

Furthermore, she’s also the founder and creator of Freeway’s Breakfree Campaign. ( Www.freewaysbreakfreecampaign.com ) movement catered to merging nonprofit orgs, charities and communities together to help end the negative effects of Poverty. The campaign offers hope by way of Employment, Anti-Bullying, Domestic Violence abuse, Self-Esteem, Literacy and Mentorship programs nationally as well as entertainment concerts, celebrity basketball/football games, fundraisers, feeding the homeless and other community related events all influenced by the destructive now redeemed life story of Freeway Rick Ross.

Over the years, she has worked with many positions of the entertainment industry from both major to independent, vastly moving around this circle on various prestigious and exclusive levels having partnered with over 30 major entertainment platforms, agencies and executives. She’s an advocate speaker for the youth, supporter of charitable non-profit organizations and meaningful causes and above all gives every bit of the credit of her works to the Most High. She can be reached directly for inquiries on booking and or services at fye.tiffanygaines_mgmt@yahoo.com.




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