We have various investment options in Dubai real estate with investment sizes range from 500,000 Dirhams to 5 billion Dirhams, in a variety of projects. Options are available in Individual residential apartments, full floors to full buildings, residential villa communities, and commercial options in freehold and non-free hold areas.

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Video Transcription:
Question: What is your perspective on the overall real estate market in Dubai?
Answer: Dubai is on top among other cities across the globe when it comes to a better ROI in realty sector. The city is better than Zurich, London, Geneva and New York. With the increased demand for both commercial and residential properties, properties of the city have been getting respectable uplifts in the value. Dubai real estate sector is expected to contribute around USD 33 billion by 2020 towards the growth of Dubai. This shows how strong is the real estate market of Dubai.
Question: Does Dubai real estate prices stand out among other desired investment destinations? If Yes, How?
Answer: Yes, Dubai stands out among other global investment destinations. The city offers a superior value on a dollars-per-square-foot basis, if you compare it to other urban and semi-urban locations around the world. Investors as well as individual buyers can benefit from Dubai as it is a better home-owning location.
Question: Why should an Indian investor invest in Dubai?
Answer: Well, the reasons are many:
• Dubai is cheaper. When I say cheaper price, it means with $1 million, you can get 96 square meters of land in Mumbai, while the same amount fetches 145 square meters of property Dubai.
• You will get rental yields between 6% to 9% in the residential sector as income & in commercial you can get about 8%-15% of income, this is where we are specializing.
• You can expect huge capital gains on your property.
• Investors can take advantage other various benefits as UAE government has tie-ups with Indian government.
• Dubai is one of the safest and most secure investment destinations. It has business-friendly regulations which attract more investors across the globe.
Question: Many investment destinations provide similar benefits. What makes Dubai special for Indian investors?
Answer: This is the Good question. It is because Dubai’s geographical position between India & Dubai it’s very close. It takes around 4-5 hours to reach any major cities of India. So for the investors it is like a second home type of thing and also they are secured because they can come & check their property, they can rent out, lease out & sell and government also protecting them. It’s not like that too many rounds have to take it to sell the property or something like this. This is very secured pattern so due to secured pattern the investors are very safe over here & we have a very good network over here so you can sell it out your property very fast, if you’re interested to sell.
Question: What is your forecast on Dubai real estate in the coming years?
Answer: I am very positive about the long-term growth in Dubai realty market for future and I think that current year the market will be stable, but there will be gradual growth after 2017 & people can, actually they should start investing now to get the fruits of future. The current price levels are very attractive Property prices will move up ahead of EXPO 2020. The current price levels are very attractive for the investors, companies and individuals buyers, if they invest now they will be the first movers and they can take the benefit of the growth in Dubai market, which is going to come in 2020. So in short it is the Right time to invest.

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