The West Virginia Mountaineers will bring their pressure defense against the elite top-seeded Gonzaga Bulldogs in the Sweet 16 round of the NCAA Tournament. Professional handicapper Joe Gavazzi from breaks down West Virginia vs Gonzaga and gives a free pick with SBR Videos hosts Mike Brenner and Peter Loshak. Browse the premier NCAAB sportsbooks:

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Automated Video Transcription:

hi everyone welcome to SBR sports picks
his name is Mike brenner my name is Peter
loshak we are the odds couple we are
talking with jumpin Joe Gavazzi from
winning sports advice dot com love getting
Joe’s breakdowns on on anything and Joe
has the balls because he’s been tough
one if today is Wednesday mark 22nd Joe
Gavazzi is giving us a pick on the spread
on all four of the Thursday sweet 16
games tough games and tough lines but
betting value does seem to be emerging
at least in my mind as the days go on
right now though he’s that I identified
this in one of our morning shows mike
brenner as the ten-foot pole sweet 16
game of the entire you know a round for
me and that’s West Virginia Gonzaga I
don’t have any kind of clue where value
might be as far as the spread or total
is concerned here could see you going
over could see it going under could see
Gonzaga but getting an easy cover could
see Virginia winning outright for doing
out right you have any opinion on this
matter all’s I know is if if West
Virginia gets by this team I think they
could end up in the final or for sure
you know what Pete this is that one it’s
just too tough to call it’s going to
take something that I need to hear that
i haven’t heard something maybe to push
me on the ledge talk me off the ledge or
go over by juan mom pick up that damn 10
foot pole and say that’s is where I
stand so again as throughout the last 16
months I always enjoy when jumping Joe
jumps in here and gives us his insight
because you know he breaks it down yes I
mean the issue if they see this from my
eye it seems like there’s unknowns
because the big factor here is how
Gonzaga will handle a West Virginia’s
press because they can handle it well
Western is not a good free-throw
that team I gonzaga’s is great
from three-point range Western you too
doesn’t defend from the outside very
well so if the press isn’t super
effective exactly run away we could get
away with that gets a doubled as you win

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