A young 14-year-old girl may have faced a disturbing beating because of her religion, according to her father.

The Muslim teen is a resident of Boca Raton, Florida, and student at West Boca High School. After allegedly getting bullied by classmates for her cultural beliefs, she decided to approach her tormentors face-to-face. Unfortunately, the girls did not take kindly to her courage.

Video footage was recorded of a “gang-style” assault of three white teen girls beating her up. Once the girl’s parents caught wind of what happened, her father, Shakeel Munshi, took to serve his own justice via social media by posting the video of the attack on Facebook. Munshi explained his belief in the assault being rooted in bigotry.

However, Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office told Buzzfeed that neither race nor religion played a role in the altercation. Sheriff’s spokesperson Teri Barbera explained the fight erupted over a boy. The initial suspect “apparently told the victim she wanted to meet to fight,” while the other two have had a “history of confrontations” with the victim.

Barbera even said the victim admitted to investigators it stemmed from a boy and that “race was never brought up.”

The Center for American-Islamic Relations and Shakeel Munshi are both searching for criminal charges to be filed against the violators.

Source: rawstory.com

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