US Government Shutdown and how it will Impact Stock Market?. We will discuss this topic in detail in today’s video. In layman terms, the US Government Shutdown means that all the non-essential employees of the US government will go on furlough or temporary unpaid leave. The essential employees will continue working to maintain the essential services.

US Government Shutdown will not have any impact if is just for few or couple of days. It will impact the US economy if lasts for a longer period say a week or more. Experts are anticipating an impact of 0.2% on the GDP of USA economy.

There is a strong correlation between the Indian and USA stock market. This value is currently 0.97, therefore, any fall in USA market will have the corresponding impact on India Stock Market.

It also a bad news for Indian exporters especially engineering and IT sectors that are major exporters to the USA. It is also expected that volatility in the stock market will increase but again it will depend on various factors.

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