Back in 1998, a ballistic test conducted by the L.A. Police Department of a gun found in a Compton backyard was a match as the weapon used to commit the heinous crime. The .40 caliber Glock ended up back in the hands of ATF, who also tested the gun in 2006. The results came up matching an unrelated unsolved case in Las Vegas, as well as Tupac’s. The weapon eventually mysteriously vanished leaving another case at a standstill until now.

TMZ reported ATF spokesperson Ginger Colbrun says the gun was actually sent back to Vegas. The department conducted their ballistic test to further the investigation, which refuted L.A.’s positive result. Since it matched the unrelated case, “police had no need for the handgun, so in 2006 they sent it back to the ATF” where it sat in storage.

Colbrun detailed what standard protocol is for the ATF to decide what to do with such weapons. In the end, Las Vegas cops “signed off on the weapon being destroyed along with a stockpile of other unneeded guns.”

In other words, the murder weapon is gone and Tupac’s murder remains unsolved.

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