The markets continued their wild trading today only with a sharp gain. The Dow 30 was higher by 428, the S&P 500 added 43, and the Nasdaq 143 was higher by 44. The news was that China would “Open China” and address the ongoing piracy issues that Trump has been fighting for. This gave investors confidence that the trade war may be coming to an end…for now.

Nike’s (NYSE: NKE) buying spree continues as news came out that the athletic apparel retailer announced that it has acquired computer vision company Invertex, which makes software that scans a customer’s body for product fittings. This is the second purchase in less than a month as their “Consumer Direct Offense” strategy seems to be in full swing. The stock was relatively flat on the news.

Tupperware (NYSE: TUP) shares fell to new lows today, losing 11.5% in the process as the company lowered its first-quarter guidance. They lowered their earnings outlook by 5 cents and revenue by 2 percent. The company said they “see second-quarter sales being modestly lower than previously expected” as well. The stock is now lower by 35% on the year.

Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) shares were higher by 2% today as it announced that all of its facilities worldwide are now powered with renewable energy. Some of this is from their own power plants, while the rest is from buying electricity and renewable energy credits from others. Apple made a request to suppliers to make the switch to renewable energy, stating that if they do they’ll get a “leg-up” in winning future business.

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