Today we are joined by Jimmy Song. Below are a list of topics we may or may not cover. Hope you guys enjoy the podcast and make sure to check out his channel!

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Planned topics:

-What is Bitcoin/Why should people care
– Talk pros/cons, bring up some negatives

– Fiat vs Cryptocurrency

– Adoption of cryptocurrencies with younger generation

– Potential issues with power/wealth (white/asian men)

– Centralization of mining with Bitcoin

– Bitcoin in 2018, what do we have to look forward to

– Pros/Cons LN.

– What’s it like working on Bitcoin/being a bitcoin dev

– Blockstream (What is it, Bitcoin Cash)

– Thoughts on Bitcoin Cash?

– Thoughts on Litecoin?

– Thoughts on Altcoins in general

– ETH, Cardano, NEO, Lisk type currencies

– PoW vs PoS

– Technical Analysis

– DEX’s

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