Atlanta rapper T.I. has always had very strong opinions that he articulates very well. The rap king turned reality television star has never been coy about expressing himself either. In a recent live stream, T.I. stirs the pot when he opines about the best living producer of all time.

“Dr. Dre is the best living producer,” states T.I. The two have rarely released collaborative material over the course of their careers. Last year, Dr. Dre dug into his vault and released a new T.I. song called “Back to Business” on his Pharmacy Beats 1 radio show. A track from the fabled yet non-existent Detox album called “Topless” featuring Nas and T.I. also leaked online a few years ago.

“Timbaland is right there with Dre. Kanye is right there, and then, I think Pharrell and then Swizz Beats,” continues T.I. He has collaborated with all of the producers in his “All-Time Greatest.”

When a guest in T.I.’s video claims that Timbaland is better than Dr. Dre because he produces in several genres across different genres, while Dre stays in “one bracket,” T.I. responds, “He has done the bracket so well that it moves out over into other brackets and dominates as well.”

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