Stock Market Learning is like any other learning curve and takes its own sweet time to complete. As a beginner, you can divide the Stock Market Learning into 3 parts i.e.
1. Basics
2. Intermediate
3. Advanced

It can be divided into reactive and predictive learning in case of 2 step learning curve. Under the basics module, an investor or trader should learn the known facts about fundamental, technical and sentiment analysis. It can be referred as foundation course which is an absolute must for anyone who would like to take direct exposure in the stock market.

At the intermediate level, an investor or trader should understand the stock behavior under various phases of the share market i.e. bull phase, bear phase, and the sideways market. It is also reactive learning and an investor should learn from other’s learnings also. Many of the stock market experts learned the stock market after a lot of hardship and losses in the market.

In advance module, an investor can learn predictive analysis. It also deals with the psychology of the stock market. Besides this, an investor also needs to learn & understand the risk management and money management.

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