7:29 – Spurs vs Timberwolves
11:05 – Purdue vs Kansas
14:35 – Michigan vs Oregon
19:24 – Deep Dive: New Odds to Win the Tourney

Tuesday’s Sports BIT opens with a look at the bad beats, bad bets and bad results for the books from last night’s betting action. Then it’s Big Game Breakdown time, featuring the Spurs – Twolves on ESPN tonight as well as Sweet 16 matchups Michigan – Oregon and Kansas – Purdue. Pauly and Teddy take a deep dive into the updated NCAA Tournament Odds, then close out the show with another Play of the Day winner. This is ‘must watch’ TV for any serious sports bettor! The Industry’s Safest Sportsbooks: http://www.sportsbookreview.com/best-sportsbooks/

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Automated Video Transcription:

boom welcome into sportsBIT betting insight
insight today Pauly and Teddy Tuesday
March twenty first big game break
downloaded one game in the Association
the Spurs and the t-wolves with some
good numbers there as always and then we
start with the sweet 16 the Midwest
Regional from Kansas City Oregon in
Michigan Kansas and Purdue two great
games coming up and then we’ll look at
the odds now to win it all in the deep
dive in the madness bad beats bad that’s
bad for the books bad for the book
celtic money came in once word got out
that Isaiah Thomas was playing and looks
like the celtics gonna grab
that two seed the wizards pointspread
freefall continues Teddy
yeah yeah but
I mean it’s time for a Mea culpa look we
do our best to be one hundred percent
accurate here on sportsBIT we’re looking
to be viewed as a legitimate resource
for mainstream media and something that
you our viewers can rely on but we’re
also human and once now once you record
in the early morning hours there’s
nothing we can do about it after then
I’ll tell you what I screwed up on
yesterday’s show up all I thought the
Celtics wizard in Washington not in
boston and i gave a very wrong
projecting point spread as a result and
it could only happen on the game with no
overnight spread because nothing for me
to go and double check with and go oh
shit why is my line eight points off the
market number so Mea Culpa my mistake I
own it I apologize I’ll do my best to
make sure we don’t have another one for
a long long time thanks for your
understanding but yeah when you talk
about a bad result for the house look
the Wizards now what two points red
covers our last 11 games and this a
squad that went 23 and seven against the
spread over a 30 game span they made a
fortune for their backers all of a
sudden they’re starting to give more
than a little bit of that back and you
have to wonder if the minutes have
finally taken their toll on John Wall

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