An analysis of Amazon stocks or AMZN stocks. Is Amazon stock worth a buy in 2018, 2019, 2020 and beyond? Amazon is the biggest online retailer, the front page of online shopping. They own Alexa, Audible, IMDB, and Twitch among other sites. Amazon provides digital media like movies, ebooks, videogames, and music. They are a huge provider of cloud services for many big websites, this will be huge in the future. They have a stock price of $959 in 2017 and will likely rise to over $1000 soon. A 1300% rise in 10 years, a huge gain. One of the biggest market capitals of all technology stocks. A high PE Ratio of 180 because they reinvest their money in new products, this should mean more and more profits when those investments pay off. They don’t pay dividends because they like reinvesting in themselves. To speculate about Amazon stocks in 2018 and beyond. Technology is the future and Amazon has a huge part in it. Online commerce is becoming bigger and bigger, with only 10% market share right now it has a lot of room to grow. Amazon is expanding into grocery delivery, with their new Whole Foods purchase, and continuous expansion of their online video content for Amazon Prime Video. Competition is not a problem because Amazon spends billions on warehouses and new products. Only the best of the best company can have a chance of competing with this monopoly of a company. Half of all American households has Amazon Prime, a subscription account that allows free shipping, streaming content, and many perks. Their sites IMDB and Twitch are huge by themselves and will continue to grow in the future. Amazon is a buy, it’s a low to medium risk safe stock for the long term, 10 years or more. With 5-20% of your portfolio in Amazon stocks, you can’t go wrong.

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