Rumors are floating around that Vivek Ranadive wasn’t happy about the decision from GM vlade Divac even though he makes the final say so.  He, Vivek had time to think about it and realized that he may have made the biggest mistake of his life after both Vlade and Vivek promised Cousins that Sacramento will be his home.  Fans gather around the Golden1 Arena waiting to see Boogie in action wearing his “LOYALTY DMC HOODIE” well there was no loyalty after all coming from the Kings organization as promised.  A tweet from DeMarcus Cousins Manager Andrew Rogers tweeted after they had just found out about the trade during All-Star Weekend “We don’t even know where to go”

Mixed emotions from Sacramento Kings fans, some are ready to ban the new plush Golden 1 Arena, season ticket holders want a refund for the second half of the season and once rookie of the year Tyreke Evans does not want to return back to the Capitol.  Can Kevin Johnson turn this franchise back around? well, he was the one who lobbied the Kings staying in Sacramento, not to mention he would clean up the entire management department and bring in new heads.

Kevin Johnson maybe the man to turn this entire organization around, Kevin was an NBA superstar, he was the Mayor of Sacramento and also a businessman that built the city.  I think between Kevin Johnson and Vlade Divac, Kevin will get the vote.  Well we’ll see if this is a rumor or something that may eventually take place.

kim cordell-sports report

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