It’s a CRAZY market right now thanks to Bitcoin/cryptocurrency/Blockchain stocks, I hope you’re prepared and profiting like my top students, and I are daily right now.

0:13 The market is insane right now.

0:15 I made a few thousand dollars the past few days with the hottest penny stocks. Some good trades, had to cut some losses, was wrong on NXTD there, was right on NXTD this time.

0:30 CANN, I underestimated. You know, this thing is up, what, three dollars a share since I bought it. CNBX, decent little trade, had to cut losses here. WKHS was wrong about that but still got out decently. NXTD was decent about that and QIWI I underestimated.

5:23 I love the fact that most people hate penny stocks. I love the fact that there’s widespread misinformation out there because it makes my job easier by revealing the hottest penny stocks and proven trading tips that will make you money.

6:38 KODK is the latest supernova, Kodak. Eastman Kodak is back in play after hundreds of years of being in business, and years of incompetence. I think the company even went bankrupt. They emerged out of bankruptcy, and their stock has done nothing but go straight down. And now all of a sudden Blockchain is going to save Kodak, hallelujah, hallelujah! It’s just ridiculous. But the volume is there, and the price action is there so I wouldn’t short it.

8:13 There are all these different newsletters and different alerts, and they’re usually pretty delayed. It’s laughable. I think this was Benzinga Pro that was 10 minutes late on this one and I sold into all the Benzinga Pro people buying. So thank you Benzinga Pro for your laziness.

8:33 QIWI, though, I underestimated, so NIA, you had one really good on QIWI, then you sold out for this play. I get it; you have to pay your bills. You make one good pick, and then you sell out for the next. I’m not blaming you; I’m just going to teach everybody what you guys do.

9:06 Midday I’m not going to trade that much. So it was unfortunate that I was watching KODK, but I did not take advantage of it. I’m glad, though, that I put it on my alert. Even sometimes when I’m selling one stock and I’m watching another, you know, for me no one trade matters. It’s all about teaching you the process.

9:25 A lot of people made a lot of money when I specifically didn’t buy KODK, but I brought it up midday. KODK had just spiked from the threes to the fives, and I was watching it on the dip here in the fours, and it wasn’t doing anything, and I had to leave pretty much right around here, so I missed this.

9:46 This was a nice breakout here above 5.50, all the way up to 6.50, and then if you missed that you had a second chance. So you either buy the first breakout, or you buy the dip when it holds that key breakout level, up to the sevens. There’s no way it would’ve held after hours to the nines here or, you know, maybe by the time I post this video it’ll be in the 10s, 12s, 15s, who knows. For me, this is the kind of pattern that I look for, this breakout and then this successful hold of the breakout.

11:10 We saw this just the other day on CNET. Right here, when it went from the ones to the 11s. It tried to come back here. A few different chat rooms tried to buy it all together and it just, it can’t, you know, once it goes up that much it’s just tough.

11:30 LFIN was the original, or one of the original big Blockchain movers a few days ago when it went from five to 140, so even though I’m saying this is nonsense and I really can’t help laughing at some of these press releases. History is repeating itself. I still don’t want to step in front of a freight train. I don’t want just short this right away. I know many shorts are licking their chops.

11:53 Be careful guys; I know a lot of shorts who have been sent to the hospital and the poor house the past few weeks and months. They have been way too aggressive the past, every hot sector and now they’re losing their shirts. So I know that I’m known as mostly a short seller, but recently, the past few years I’ve been mostly long.

13:49 COGT I timed pretty well. This was, it spiked all the way up to the sixes the other day and then today it got up to the 5.60s and then bounced to the 5.40s, but it’s tough. It’s tough when you find out that it’s a paid pump. COGT and KODK were the two midday runners. KODK is not a paid pump. They just issued a press release saying they’re getting into Blockchain. So that turned out to be a better one.

14:19 Now HMNY is spiking after hours on news that they might do an ICO and you know, this is a company, they’re merging with, where you can go to the movie theater all you want for like ten bucks a month.

19:40 Singles add up to millions of dollars over the years. That is my whole thesis, that is my life, that is my teaching style. Enjoy the euphoria, ride it as best you can. I love taking small gains on the hottest penny stocks because it adds up, that’s today’s lesson.

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