San Francisco Bay area reporter Henry Wofford got wind of the TMZ video in which Nipsey Hussle threatens to put a beating on him and it turns out he’s totally down to knuckle up.

“I saw you on @TMZ saying you’ll beat me down when you see me. Here’s your opportunity. I’m old school and only fight for a cause,” Wofford tweeted early Friday, December 22. “Let’s raise money for the Black Community. We can box or go MMA style in a celebrity fight. Hug when it’s over. Let me know time and place!”

Wofford has been the subject of criticism from many who heard him chastise Diddy over his wishes to buy the Carolina Panthers during a KRON4 news segment. Wofford and host Darya Folsom would come forth with apologies over their remarks, which included some perceived stereotypes about Diddy having too much fun getting high and drunk on 40 ounces of beer to be taken seriously. Wofford has still failed to gain the forgiveness of folks like Nipsey, who believe he betrayed his own community with the comments.

Upon hearing Wofford’s charity fight suggestion, Nipsey responded that he’d be with it if they can get the prize to $5 million. But first, he dug into the Bay Area anchor, tweeting: “1st: I’ll beat yo white washed Samuel L Jackson in DJANGO ass. 2nd: We rejected you from the black community after you COON’d your own people to try to fit in on mainstream TV. 3rd: I don’t hug Uncle Toms. 4th: You ain’t hard enough … & yo knuckles ain’t scared enough.”

The two later talked in person, which Wofford spoke about on Twitter, writing, “@NipseyHussle and I did it the right way. Talk behind closed doors, get it all off your chest, listen to one another, and grow from the experience. There’s not going to be a fight. I got nothing but respect for the man. Time to move forward.”

Nipsey followed up with news that the beef is squashed, “We human. We all make mistakes. After our convo I understand that he is sincere about balancing the damage and that he feels like it was a mistake. we gone forgive him and allow him the platform to clear his name…the person I spoke to aint the one we saw on TV.”

Check out the tweets above.

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