The Purdue Boilermakers will be an underdog to the Kansas Jayhawks in the Sweet 16 round of the NCAA Tournament, in a classic showdown of bigs vs guards. Professional handicapper Joe Gavazzi from breaks down Purdue vs Kansas and gives a free pick with SBR Videos hosts Mike Brenner and Peter Loshak. Find a college basketball sportsbook:

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Automated Video Transcription:

hi welcome to sbr sports picks am peter
loshak his name is mike brenner we are
the odds couple we come to you from sportsbook
review dot com today is Wednesday March 22nd
we’re talking with jumpin Joe gavazzi
from winning sports advice dot com and yeah
mike brenner we talking about balls a
lot and our shows and joe gavazzi i
think right now counts as having
officially huge balls because he’s a
professional handicapper right so he’s
putting his professional reputation
online every time he does video gives a
pick he has agreed to give picks on each
of the four sweet 16 games on the
spreads which you know to my eye look
very very tight even the ones we cover
kind of agreeing on which is Arizona but
we’re going to talk about Purdue Kansas
right now I don’t know this this feels
like a lot of balls though for Joe
gavazzi to give a pick on all four of
these games right I think he would do it
but you better watch your mouth there
Manabe might hear you for crying out
loud hey Pete if i had to guess for new
or Kansas or if you had to guess who do
you think jumpin Joe is going to take in
that match oh god I don’t know I say go
tell i guess i guess i guess i would
guess that he would take at five i guess
i’m going to say he’s going to say / do
getting that man okay i might say Kansas
and Joe’s taking dogs he’s taking
favorites but yeah I got a feeling
coaching is gonna be the reason he’s
going to sway the way he will and I’m
saying he’s gonna go with Kansas I mean
the thing is is a classic big versus
small situation right obviously Purdue
with a ton of bigs and a power down low
and Kansas with great guard play now in
Kansas clicking they’re unstoppable
there are being coaching equals clicking
so yeah what happens i want to say Joe’s
going with Kansas they do have some
issues with depth though and other
question is just how exactly to awesome
will Kansas be here and five points how
valuable are those five points let’s go
to Joe gavazzi from winning supporters
of Christ calm what do you like here
start off pick number one kansas

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