“Michael Owen, football legend and a brand ambassador for The First Group, explains why investing with The First Group in Dubai can take you extraordinary places. Fly over some of Dubai’s most famous landmarks and see how the city has become one of the fastest-growing locations for business and investment in the entire world. Michael Owen narrates his own financial journey with The First Group and shows viewers how they can benefit from investing in hotels, real estate, and property in Dubai simply and easily.

Inspired by The First Group’s British roots and continuous growth in the ever-expanding city of Dubai, The First Group has maintained their legacy of property development success. Trained asset managers at The First Group will walk you through the many options available for investing in the real estate market in Dubai and share their in-depth knowledge of property development with you. From five star hotels to residential complexes, marina properties and more The First Group provides investment opportunities in Dubai that are beyond compare. The First Group provides many awards and benefits for their clients who choose to invest with The First Group including trips to Dubai, cash rewards, and ownership plans among other great amenities. Becoming part of this extraordinary city and company through Dubai hotel investments, property investments, and real estate in Dubai is a chance you can’t afford to miss!

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