CREDIT: Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights @ KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: – The Supreme Court recommends that you DON’T talk to police officers before or after you’re arrested, but you must say out loud “I’M GOING TO REMAIN SILENT.”

As long as We the People have in one hand the U.S. Constitution and a gun in the other, the government will always consider the American Citizen a threat. ~~ pc

*** The actual Brutality is coming out on a second video in the future.

On 07.14.16 In Brenham Texas a police chase begun when Jammie Castillo allegedly stole a car. Officer Richard Bobbitt who was on the Brenham Police force for 6 years initiated the police chase that ended up traveling 60 miles across Three counties until the chase ended near Harris County line. This video is from the Texas Trooper Dash Cam.

After nearly and hour chase Harris County Deputies put spike strips down to deflate the tires of the vehicle.

After the police chase came to an end, you see Officer Bobbitt of the Brenham Police Department getting out of the police car and walking towards the trooper.

In a second video that will be released you will see Officer Bobbitt walk around to the passengers side door and then pulls out Jammie Castillo. Once out of the car Officer Bobbitt hits Jammie Castillo with his fist several times on her face and head.

Police then took the suspect to a hospital to be treated for a laceration to her forehead.

On 08.01.2016 Officer Richard Bobbitt was Terminated by the Brenham Police Chief for his actions of beating a 5’05, 130 pound Jammie Castillo in the head and face. After an internal affairs investigation was completed, Officer Bobbitt was found to have used excessive force in his detention and arrest of Jammie Castillo. The investigation showed that Officer Bobbitt unnecessarily struck Castillo multiple times in her face and head after she was removed from the vehicle.

On 08.05.16 ex-officer Richard Bobbitt appealed his termination to the City of Brenham. He wanted his job back.

On 09.08.16 the appeal hearing that was going to be heard by City Manager Terry Roberts, was delayed at the last moment from the request from the attorney representing Richard Bobbitt and the attorney hired to represent the City of Brenham.

09.16.16 after negotiation with Bobbitt’s attorney, City Manager Terry Roberts and the Brenham City Counsel went behind closed doors and took a secret vote. The decision was passed and the City Counsel agreed to allow an abusive police officer, who assaulted a Woman be allowed to RESIGN and not be terminated as he had been for the past 47 days.

Those who voted and allowed an abusive police officer to resign are: Mayor Tate, Mayor Pro Tem Gloria Nix, Council members: Andrew Ebel, Danny Goss, Keith Herring, Mary Barnes-Tilley, and Weldon Williams, Jr..

Look at the faces of the Brenham City Counsel members. Faces that are in favor of bad police officers that put communities in danger.

From Brenham police records for 4 years in a row Officer Bobbitt was number one for having the highest “use of force” incidents with the public. Each of those years Officer Bobbitt’s incidents of use of force with the public were almost doubled compared to the officer who had the second highest of incidents. One year Officer Bobbitt had 18 incidents of use of force, the second officer had 10. Also from Brenham police records Officer Bobbitt in 5 years had 3 Internal Investigations on him which included “policy violations, shooting review board and false Identification.”

The City of Brenham and the Brenham Police Department knew of Bobbitt’s past abuse of use of force from police records, yet they did nothing and kept a dangerous police officer on the streets.

The really sad part of this is that a few months before Officer Bobbitt struck a Woman in the face the City of Brenham and Police Chief Craig Goodman made it where the public would NOT be allowed to know which of their police officers had the highest use of abuse on the public. The Brenham Police Department stopped keeping records of Brenham Police Officers and how many times they used force against a citizen each year.

Internal Affairs Investigations of police officers are now forbidden to be released to the public, per The City of Brenham and Police Chief Craig Goodman. The City of Brenham doesn’t want records released to the public of the bad cops Brenham keeps on their force.

Jammie Castillo needs help and punishment, but a fair trial she won’t get in Brenham Texas. Not with her court appointed lawyer being Scott Ballard and the D.A. being Julie Renken. Mr. Ballard owes Julie Renken his life, job and family.

As far as the Attorney General ruling goes we won’t get squat until Jammie Castillo goes to trial and/or Richard Bobbitt is indicted or not.

police harassment. police harassment. police harassment.

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