Peter Lynch giving a lecture in 1994. He speaks of his stock picking technique, rules for investment and how the average investor can make money in the stock market. 📚 Books by Peter Lynch are located at the bottom of the description❗

Interview date :1994

Video segments below
0:16 Introduction
4:12 Peter lynch introduction
9:10 Start of Peters lecture
11:18 Single most important thing
14:20 Method of investing
14:53 You can’t predict the future
17:11 Study the history of the market
18:43 Plenty of time to buy stocks
20:06 Investors edge
23:19 Rules for investing
28:10 Don’t get emotionally attached to a stock
28:50 Avoid long shots
29:46 Always something to worry about
33.00 Questions
33:09 Do you pay attention to congress?
34:40 How useful in financial reporting in the press?
36:49 Concerned about volatility?
38:45 When will Dow hit 4000 ?
41:50 What fund and stocks should I buy?
49:29 Banks selling mutual funds?
52:15 FCC Proposals?
55:09 Fannie mae stock?
57:40 What do Bachelors do?

Peter Lynch Books 🇺🇸📈 (affiliate link)
One Up On Wall Street:
Beating The Street:
Learning To Earn:

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