Previously, Ja Rule took to Twitter to respond to 50 Cent, who said he would put Ja Rule to sleep if he saw him in the streets. During the interview where 50 commented, O’Shea Jackson Jr. was present, as he and 50 were promoting their new film ‘Den of Thieves.’ During the interview, Jackson noted how he liked Ja Rule’s music but literally threw it out the window once he heard 50 Cent.

Ja Rule didn’t take too kindly to Jackson’s words and addressed the actor on Twitter. Ja said “Yo @OsheaJacksonJr stay sucker free my brother… @50cent ain’t killing nothing ain’t letting nothing die… I smell p***y is that you fif lol…”

From there, Jackson addressed Ja Rule’s comment, saying “Lmao! Ok now I see what’s happening. Those two didn’t like each other waaay before me lmao. I just spoke on about 11-year-old Shea’s behalf. My name is Bennet. And I ain’t in it. With that being said… MORE PUBLICITY FOR DEN OF THIEVES THANK YOU THANK YOU.”

Take a look at the exchange above

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