As the saying goes, the market is an equal opportunity dream killer, equally bent on destroying the dreams of both da bulls and da bears. Who’s next?
John F. Carter #options #NVDA
Simpler Trading: Options, Futures, Fibonacci, Forex, Stocks, and More. Learn best practices and strategies for trading by joining the Simpler Trading community.
Professional traders on staff at Simpler Trading:
John F. Carter [Options, Founder and CEO of Simpler Trading]
Henry Gambell [Options, Technical Analysis]
Raghee Horner [Futures, Forex, & Cryptocurrencies]
Carolyn Boroden [Fibonacci Analysis] @Fibonacciqueen
Bruce Marshall [Options]
Neil Yeager [Futures]
David Starr [Futures: Elliott Wave]
Eric Purdy [Thinkscript & tools]
Darrell Gum [Tech & tools]
Danielle Shay [Options]
Jared Anderson [Cryptocurrencies & Futures]
Allison Ostrander [Options, beginners]
Sam Shames [Futures & Cryptocurrencies
Tucker Stipe [Options]
Dr. John Clayburg [Options & Stocks]
John F. Carter, a successful trader and entrepreneur, leads community members through live trades daily while explaining strategies, significant market opportunities, and indicators that work. Together, newbies and experienced traders alike share knowledge and experience, supporting each other in an active trading forum.

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