Move over Wu-Tang Clan and N.W.A., Migos is now claiming the top spot in hip-hop and beyond.

The Atlanta-raised trio stopped by Big Boy TV to chop it up with Big Boy, himself. When asked, “Do y’all feel like Migos is the biggest group in hip-hop, right now,” there was absolutely no hesitation. Especially from Offset who answered, “We’re the biggest group ever.”

Takeoff co-signed saying “That way,” before Quavo agreed, “Got to be.”

Offset continued, “Ever in hip-hop, pop all that. Cause every genre is motivated or [has] structured music, right now, off us.”

So far the comment has stirred up a lot of debate on social media. (No surprise.) Many have taken it upon themselves to name other notorious groups whom they believe either “paved the way,” or are just “more talented” than Migos.

However, fans of the group known to “do it for the culture,” argued that their sophomore album, Culture, going platinum four months after its release and their outstanding number of features on other artists’ projects completely support the “greatest group ever,” claim.

Not to mention, their consistent media presence whether it’s through controversial interviews or prominent fashion statements.

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