Nipsey Hussle gave his take on the disrespect Diddy received from a Bay Area news station that mocked the hip-hop mogul for wanting to purchase the Carolina Panthers.After Panthers current owner Jerry Richardson found himself embattled with sexual misconduct allegations and accusations of racism he promptly put the team up for sale. Like the businessman he is, Diddy jumped on social media expressing his desire to purchase the team. But apparently, the news crew took Diddy’s bid for the Panthers lightly, saying he looked high and must’ve just gotten done “smoking a blunt and drinking a 40.”

Needless to say, many people across social media ripped KRON-TV hosts, Darya Folsom and Henry Wofford but Nipsey had one of the sharpest responses to Folsom and Wofford. Nip posted a screenshot of Folsom laughing hysterically with a photo of Diddy behind her and captioned the post:

I’m offended to my core.

And both these clowns can’t even pay the water bill at one of @diddy estates…but THEY CANT TAKE HIM SERIOUS? “He looked like he jus finished Drinking a 40?”
You talking bout a owner of a vodka company! “I don’t even know what he does”
@forbes do tho. “You gotta stay in yo comfort zone”? That’s the mentality of a FAILURE!! U Never speak when you This STUPID AND OUT THE LOOP OF REALITY!!! @diddy I HOPE THEY MOTIVATED U EVEN MORE AND WHEN U BECOME THE 1st Blac @NFL owner we gone only wear Yo team jerseys and make sure u get a super bowl trophy!!! F*cc these b*tches and this whole way of thinking…
I’m HOT AT THIS!! #blackexcellence
Time to take bac what’s ours!!!

What’s your take on Nipsey’s assessment?

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