Mike Brenner and Peter Loshak welcome back professional handicapper Ross Benjamin from RBWins.com to discuss the 5 college basketball games that tip off on Wednesday, as well as the 8 Sweet 16 games in the NCAA Tournament coming up at the end of the week. SBR Videos hosts Mike Brenner and Peter Loshak present the NCAAB Odds Couple show for Wednesday March 22. Find a college basketball sportsbook: http://www.sportsbookreview.com/betting-sites/

NCAAB Betting Article: http://www.sportsbookreview.com/picks/ncaa-basketball/picks-of-the-day-wednesday-march-22-nd/78757

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Automated Video Transcription:

hi welcome to SBR sports picks I’m Peter
Loshak his name is Mike better we are
the odds couple we come to you from sportsbook
review dot com today is Wednesday March 22nd
this is the college basketball odds
couple show for wednesday march twenty
second we’re in the midst of March
Madness got the sweet 16 coming up a ton
of parity god it’s a parody all over the
place thankfully though we’re going to
have ross benjamin from RB winds calm to
help us make heads or tails of some of
these lines and also to give second
opinions of much-needed second issues on
some of our opinions which i now have
started to have Mike better because only
when the sweet 16 lights came out I was
like I don’t know what I think about any
of these I now have some means i’m gonna
go i’m gonna actually give some picks on
some of the games because i don’t want
the lines to move ross been from RB
wins dot com thanks so much for joining us
once again today and how you feel about
these sweet sweet 16 lines in general uh
you know what they’re pretty tough huh
you know this is what happens when you
you don’t have a lot of upsets right
first two rounds of the tournament you
get very competitive games and as a
result very tough lines yes as I’ve
always said as the NCAA tournament you
know gets into the deeper and deeper
rounds all the factors become known you
know all the teams are good all the
teams have momentum all the teams have
maximum money all the way they can way I
believe they can win it so it’s a lot
harder to find team set that you don’t
feel that you feel comfortable betting
against absolutely like we were talking
about in the live show earlier this is
that one year where the word parody
really sticks out unlike any other year
from yet I really think that any of
these team but minus a few yeah all
right I think there’s everybody believes
that they can get this gun absolutely
all right so let’s start off with the
five games that go tonight Ross venture
and is going to hit us with a one of his
patented underdogs that that he thinks
has some value last night

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