Feeling lost and overwhelmed after your undergrads?
Take a trip through the MSc Digital Marketing Communication at Manchester Metropolitan University and consider to study one of the most innovative Masters in the exciting city of Manchester.

• Find out more about the course: http://www2.mmu.ac.uk/study/postgraduate/taught/2018/17021/

• Subscribe to Manchester Metropolitan University: https://www.youtube.com/user/ManMetUni

• Download a Prospectus: http://www2.mmu.ac.uk/study/prospectus/pg-download/brochure-download/

The world is pulsing, expanding, evolving so fast that blink… and you’ll miss it.
You’re craving to dance, I can tell it from the way you move your feet to the rhythm.
You may not have discovered it yet, but life has something in store for you.
I know you can hear those voices, screaming out to you to try this thing or that thing, as if they know what’s best for you.
Choose your city, choose a destination, choose a strategy to get there.
Choose your lifestyle, live in the moment and make sure you stand out.
Choose to learn a language: in Italian “Hey Lee, com’è andato il weekend?”
Choose Google Translate for that.
Choose to write your content with a purpose.
Choose a 280 character limit.
Choose to swipe right or left.
Choose to face Mondays with a fierce attitude.
Choose opportunities, new ideas and be brave enough to share them.
Choose coding, or naaah.
Choose the change as unpredictable as it is.
Choose your playlist, choose what to watch, choose to empty the trash.
Choose to clear your search history sometimes.
Choose to be wrong, because there’s always a lesson learnt.
Choose going viral: “I broke Google!?”
Choose to update your password.
Choose your profile picture.
Choose to be on time and stick with your schedule,
Embrace the deadlines because truthfully you have no choice.
Choose your mates, your network,
Choose your own journey.

– Heartbeat scene courtesy of Simon Holmedal

– Neil Armstrong scene courtesy of Curivity

– ESA Astronaut scene courtesy of the European Space Agency
– Dolly the sheep scene courtesy of JamJarMMX

– Brexit Referendum courtesy of Al Jazeera English

– Election of President Trump courtesy of ABC News

– Blink scene courtesy of Teddy Delcroix

– CGIs scenes courtesy of Randy Cano
– Clocks scene courtesy of Humans since 1982,
Title of the artwork ‘A million Times’

– Eye backroll scene courtesy of Archillectgram
– Queen Elizabeth II parody, Cher, Snowhite, VR lovers, Unlock Screen, Google giant, Kylie Jenner Snapchat, Coffee-Clock, Cinderella scenes courtesy of Saint Hoax
– Google Translate, Coding, Password scenes courtesy of x20xx.com artist collective
– Computer scene courtesy of Pixabay
– Baseball, Search History scenes courtesy of Processvideo
– Beyonce scene courtesy of MissUniverse Moments

– Move to Mars scene courtesy of Dylan Serventi, YouTube channel Splender Vanity
– Empty the trash scene courtesy of Transcient_Space
– Kylie Jenner scene courtesy of Kylie Snaps

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