The infamous ex-White House employee that got caught up with President Bill Clinton has gone on to become an anti-bullying activist, not to mention becoming a major figure in pop culture – there are quite a few Lewinsky name drops found in many hip-hop tracks. It seems as though Lewinsky’s pop culture status has spilled over into the cannabis industry seeing how Sugarleaf, a Washington-state based marijuana company, named a hybrid strain after her.

Lewinsky was clearly excited when she caught wind of the strain and the photo. She tweeted the image and captioned it “Guys!” with eyes-wide-open and finger pointing emojis.

The irony of Sugarleaf’s choice to create a strain named after Monica Lewinsky also pokes fun at Bill Clinton. If you recall the Clinton stated that he tried marijuana but didn’t inhale just as he denied the sexual relationship with Lewinsky.

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