President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama welcome President-elect Trump and future First Lady Melania Trump to the White House.

President Obama leaves a letter in the Oval Office and walks out for the last time as president.
President Obama shakes President-elect Trump’s hand as he welcomes him to the White House

Trump pledges to make America ‘greater than ever’
Reports: Trump associates investigated for Russia links
Soros brands Trump a ‘would-be dictator’ doomed to fail
DeploraBall: Trump lovers and haters clash in Washington
Inauguration day schedule: our guide to the day

Inauguration day Donald Trump and MELANIA TRUMP depart Blair House for inauguration day

Fuman marihuana libremente en el dia de la toma de la presidencia de Donald Trump

Free marijuana on Inauguration Day

Free marijuana on day of inauguration

Trump inauguration marijuana protest arrests unlikely
Protests, anti-Trump events offer inauguration alternative
Free marijuana to be handed out Inauguration Day
DC Group Plans to Hand Out Free Marijuana Joints at Inauguration
On Inauguration Day, marijuana activists in D.C. will give out 4,200
Free Marijuana Inauguration Day DC Cannabis Coalition

“Hey, Hey. Hi, Ho. White Supremacy has got to go!” NO RACISM
The big Inauguration Day protests
Inauguration Day Protest at Pioneer Courthouse Square in Portland

Protest Against Trump on Inauguration Day: Fight Racism

Here’s what we know about Trump Inauguration Day protests
Where Protests Are Happening on Inauguration Day
Protests already underway in Washington ahead of Trump’s

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