LOS ANGELES – In 2012 Lil Sodi along with two other Eight Tray Gangster Crips members were arrested and charged with 1st degree murder. According to the LAPD, Lil Sodi was a participant in a homicide by his van being linked as the get-away vehicle.

After facing a $2 million bail, Lil Sodi was able to get his bail reduced to $575,000 a few months after his arrest and at that point he bailed out of the Los Angeles County jail, and continued to fight his case. Although it appeared that he was not directly involved in the homicide, he was still facing 10 to 15 years with a felony charge of conspiring to commit murder for assisting the shooter, according to the prosecution’s theory.

In late 2014, Lil Sodi along with one of the other co-defendants accepted a plea deal. Lil Sodi and one co-defendant accepted 1 to 3 years, while the actual shooter accepted 26 years in prison which brought this 2½ year case to an end.

In January 2015 Lil Sodi turned himself into the Criminal Courts Building in downtown LA and was remanded by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to begin serving his 1-year sentence. That was then, now after serving 2yrs for a gun case, Lil Sodi said that’s it, he’s about to start taking this music more serious and staying out the way.

Monsta Squadd Media Caught up with Lil Sodi in Las Vegas with Lil Mont 3, the nephew of Freeway Rick Ross in a $2000 a night suite in Las Vegas. Lil Sodi is done with the streets putting 110% in his music with the assistance of Lil Mont3 again who ran Freeway Rick Ross label FMG. Lil Mont had this to say “Lil homie came home and it’s only right to look out on his arrival, The game has changed but Lil Sodi ain’t changed and ready to go to work, he’s about to hit this tour with Afro-Man, we about to get it in, I got my nigga” POWER COUPLE SINGLE COMING SOON…





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