Now that Lonzo Ball is about to hit the big time in the NBA, he is under the microscope more so than ever.

Besides the conflicting news about his $495 independent sneakers and their sales, or lack thereof, Ball is now dominating headlines for a tweet he sent out in May 2016. No, this tweet is not about shoes, the Big Baller Brand or even about basketball. Nope, this tweet causing all the controversy is not even about sports.

While someone was scrolling through his Twitter timeline, they came across a tweet listing his top five favorite rappers, of all time, in order from favorite to least favorite. Ball listed Lil Wayne as his favorite, then Future, DMX, 50 Cent and, lastly, Tupac. Naturally, this type of talk from a celebrity will always spark a Twitter debate and people were quick to jump on his list.

People questioned how Future made the list, but there was no mention of Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, B.I.G. or even Ice Cube. Obviously, everybody is entitled to their opinion, but this is Twitter and if people don’t agree, you are going to get a slew of sarcastic gif’s coming your way. Instead of simply responding back with a list of their own, people started hitting him with Kanye West gif’s, Jonah Hill gifs and all of your other favorites.

In addition to his top five all-time list, he also listed his top five favorite rappers right now. This was also in 2016, but this time Future took the number one spot, followed by Weezy, Meek Mill, Young Thug and lastly Drake. Well, we can certainly sit here all day and discuss this, but Ball is already making more headlines because he is allegedly refusing to workout for any other teams besides the Los Angeles Lakers. Of course, Twitter was quick to point out that Ball tweeted, “Lakers ain’t even makin’ the playoffs,” in October of 2013.

As we get closer to the NBA Draft, it seems as though getting trolled for his rap tastes and questionable lists will probably be the last thing he has to worry about.


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