Hello . I joined longrich for investment . Car , holiday and house investment.

I call it investment while others call it business . It depend on how u see it. I will explain that later .

U can join with R1500/ R200 or R2500 and get products (cosmetics, supplements and hygienic products) Worthing that money. Sell it or use for your self . They are so affordable most of them are less than R200.

U will get a membership and start registering other people . Minimum 3 people. And teach them what u did.

Once they start registering other people u will earn every week . Earning for that they are adding other people and buying stock. 10% up to 75% .

U not forced to sell . Selling is by choice if u want to make profit .

There are points u get if buy products from day one u join. They are called PV’s.Poduct value.

U get them from u and your team. They will make u qualify for Car, house, holiday and bursary.

Simple investment as 123
1. Invest R1500 and products out of it. Use them or sell for profit

2. Register 3 people under your name . Teach them to recruit their 3’s.

3 seat back and watch your team grow. Earn every week. Later in a.year or the following year u can qualify for a car and holiday to overseas .

No hard work . No stress . No scam. no ins and out selling.
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