Article Image: LaVar Ball Responds to Better Business Bureau 'F' Rating

LaVar Ball is currently getting all kinds of publicity for his Big Baller Brand, but not for the reasons he would like. According to TMZ, his company has received an “F” rating from the Better Business Bureau over numerous customer complaints and lack of customer service.

“This company does not offer refunds,” read one customer complaint from November. “I purchased 2 items and was told there would be a 1-2 week delay. I have been waiting 6 weeks now, and when I asked why it was taking so long, I was called a ‘small baller’. At this point I believe they have decided to steal my money.”

“The customer service is awful and I believe that they are running nothing but a scam,” read another.

The Better Business Bureau reportedly reached out to Ball’s company on two occasions in an attempt to resolve the issues, but both times they were ignored.

Blair Looney, CEO of Better Bus. Bureau Central Calif., says buyers should beware before doing any business with BBB.

“This is very definitely substandard normal business practices for anybody.”

In a text to ESPN, Ball had this to say in response to the “F” rating.

“Better Business Bureau is as outdated as the Yellow Pages. Who cares about them? Tell them that Yelp! has replaced the Better Business Bureau. We honestly thought the Better Business Bureau was out of business. The new BBB stands for the Big Baller Brand.

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