Hype surrounding the Lakers drafting of Lonzo Ball with the 2nd overall pick in the NBA Draft earlier this week continued into Friday, June 23, in Los Angeles. The city got a chance to have their imminent star all to themselves as he was flown out to the West Coast to attend a press conference in which he was formally introduced by Magic Johnson, who joked that the young buck could have one or two of his records but to leave some to his name. The organization also released footage of the kid Johnson called “the new face of the Lakers,” working out for the team before the day it all became official.

There had been reports that Ball didn’t look so good during his first pre-draft workout. It has been learned that he was actually sick on the occasion, but did get a second workout just to prove that he could shake off the lag. Still, the press ran with headlines detailing that first showing, with some calling him out of shape.

Magic never seemed to mind. Up until this point, the Lakers great has given nothing but optimistic projections, to the point where it would appear that the 6 foot 6 Lonzo is being packaged as the next Johnson.

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