Isaiah Thomas has been speaking a lot this year about his trade from the Celtics to the Cavaliers, but the famed athlete says he would stay quiet about the situation if the media didn’t keep bringing it up.

Thomas took to Twitter to explain his side, writing, “It’s funny how people think I keep bringing up the dumbass trade situation. It’s the media asking the same dumbass questions about it. So it’s obvious they want to keep it going. It’s not like when I’m interviewed I’m asking them can you PLEASE bring up the trade please lol.”

He added, “Don’t get mad at me like im sitting here wanting to still talk about the trade. Get mad at the person interviewing me lol. Get mad at the questions not the REAL answers! These post were for the people who think I’m salty about the trade… Good morning to y’all too lol.”

Check out more of Isaiah’s tweets above.


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