One inmate took the law into his own hands as he head-butted a convicted pedophile who was placed next to him in a New Hampshire courtroom.

According to reports, Christopher Elwell, the man who was assaulted via a head-butt had just pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a four-year-old girl. The 29-year-old was sentenced to 7-to-15 years in prison. From there, the footage captured shows Elwell being taken to the back of the courtroom to sit down.

As soon as the pedophile sat down, another inmate named Josiah Davies looked over at him, immediately got up, and head-butted Elwell multiple times before being tackled by an officer. Davies was waiting for his own hearing, but could now be facing a Class B felony for his act, which carries up to 15 years in prison. Watch the clip above.

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