Most people will recall the 2013 film Pain & Gain featuring Mark Wahlberg as a bodybuilder turned kidnapper. Wahlberg was sporting some serious muscle for the film, and if one imprisoned drug dealer is to be believed, the actor may have had some chemical help to achieve his Superman physique.

Jailed alleged steroid distributor Richard Rodriguez was the head of Miami-based Wellness Fitness Nutrition LLC which was raided by the Drug Enforcement Agency last year. He recently did a radio interview from prison where he revealed a few of his alleged celebrity clients.

Claiming they all used aliases when buying steroids, Rodriguez first named WWE superstar Roman Reigns as one of his customers. Next to be named was Transformersstar Josh Duhamel. Finally, Rodriguez got to his biggest celebrity client.

“The last person that I want to reveal is rather interesting,” he began. “He came to me through a conditioning coach that I used to work with … and he wanted me to work with him exclusively … and I decided ‘Why the hell not?’

“The individual’s name is Mark Wahlberg,” said Rodriguez. He then went on to describe how they would have to find creative ways to get the steroids to Wahlberg while he was out of the country without using his real name.

Hear more above, starting at the 4:00 mark.

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