Ice Cube Explains Why He Refuses To Work With New Rappers

Last week, Ice Cube angered a few West Coast newcomers after suggesting in his blog that, despite his veteran status in the game, he felt no obligations to help bring up local Los Angeles emcees.

“They ain’t on my level,” Cube wrote about the new generation of artists. “I don’t even remember ever meeting these clowns or even being in the same room with any of ’em. They can’t make a name for themselves so they need help from the O.G.’s. I refuse to throw ’em a life line. Fuck ’em. It ain’t my job to make nobody famous.”

The remarks prompted a Twitter response from Watts rapper Jay Rock, who said he considered himself part of the “New West” that Ice Cube seemed to be referring to. “I ain’t never had a problem with Cube or none of the O.G. niggas,” Rock said. “But if [he’s referring to] the New West I’m a part of, he talkin [sic] bout all of us [since] he didn’t say a name.”

This week, likely in response to Jay Rock’s Twitter comments, Ice Cube explained where his own remarks came from, and said he hasn’t turned his back on young rappers, although he does have reservations about the new generation of emcees.

“Why don’t I produce up and coming rappers like I used to? I got burnt out. Niggas couldn’t take the baton and run wit [sic] it. I was sick of babysitting grown ass men and walking them through the industry. I felt like Dr. Frankenstein building uncontrollable monsters. How? If you DON’T make ’em a star, they blame you. If you DO make ’em a star, they leave you. I got sick of that ungrateful shit.”

Although Cube has not been specific about who he is talking about, he did say he may mention them on his upcoming album I Am The West.

“Now,  a lot of people want me to name names. Buy the record. In stores July 13th. I ain’t naming names at this time, but I’m adding names. You let me know if you wanna be on the list.”

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