A young man from Dallas was killed after he tried to defend a young lady from being cat-called by a group of men. 18-year-old LeDajrick Cox was out with his friends Sunday morning celebrating his high school graduation the Saturday before. According to Fox 4, Irving Police said Cox and his friends pulled into an Irving 7-Eleven around 1:45 am when three men in a white Kia Optima started cat-calling Cox’s female friend.

The high school grad and future college football player came to his friend’s defense but unfortunately, the situation escalated and an argument started. Cox’s group decided to leave and as their car started to drive away the Kia Optima followed behind them and opened fire. Cox was struck in the head and side while two of his male friends were injured. Cox died hours later at Parkland Hospital. Police are still searching for the three suspects involved

We send our condolences to Cox’s friends and family.

Source: nydailynews.com

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