The key to becoming a millionaire, as several of my students and I have learned going from high percentage “singles” rather than low odds “home runs” as the singles aka smaller gains add up and increase your account nicely over time!

Here’s my technical analysis of the stock market. This is teaching you how to navigate the stock market for beginners.

0:27 Made nearly $2,000. Make a few thousand a day keeps the day job away
2:04 I want more millionaire students, but I can’t study for you. You need to put in the work to become a great stock trader
2:29 I’ve been on a bit of a hot streak with my stock trades
2:45 There’s been a lot going on in my personal life, so I wanted to focus on stock trading right now, and then I can share a little bit more about what’s going on.
2:50 Perhaps later I can teach you some of my life lessons. It’ll be a bit of confession time
3:15 Stay tuned for those “confessional” videos coming your way
3:42 The key to my success in stock trading has been taking singles, not going for home runs. Just locking in gain after gain after gain. Don’t be greedy, lock in gain after gain after gain.
4:05 Going back the few weeks and looking at all of my stock trades, I’ve realized that I could’ve made even more if I wasn’t so cautious.
4:40 Learn to take singles leave a comment that says “I love singles.” A few hundred dollars here, a few hundred dollars there…THIS is the way to maximize profits as a stock trader
5:45 My dip buy didn’t really bounce the way I wanted it. I got out for a small profit of a few hundred.
7:30 Some stock plays aren’t going to do anything, and when that happens, I get out. I don’t want to waste my time.
8:50 Bob Knight has made just under $300,000, and he says “I have to thank Tim Sykes” for my success
10:30 I talk about the stocks I “should’ve chased.” But remember, when you chase, you’re exposing yourself to risk.
13:30 If I had executed the trade, it would’ve been a 1-minute trade!
14:47 A lot of newbies are making money right now chasing, but they will get crushed when the market comes back to reality
21:00 When I show off my student’s success, it’s super fun, but I need to tell you something: You are going to have to work so hard on your mental concentration to become successful as a stock trader.

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