Here are some stocks that would have made you rich in the stock market. A small investment in these will make you rich just by trading these stocks. A minimum criteria of 1000% returns in the past 10 years. Amazon stocks, AMZN stocks, had 1600% returns in 10 years. A company that’s taking over every industry, recently even the fresh food sector by buying Whole Foods. Amazon invests a lot of it’s money back into the company so they will keep growing. Netflix stocks, NFLX stocks, had a 8700% return in 10 years. They’re the main source of entertainment and will be in the future. Investing over 8 billion dollars into original content in 2018, they’re really aiming high. Netflix will keep growing but will see competition in Disney soon. Domino’s stocks, DPZ stocks, is up 1500% in 10 years. A pizza company that really took to online deliveries. Nvidia stocks, NVDA stocks, is up 1000%. They focus on graphics chips, data centers, artificial intelligence, and self driving cars. All perfect for the future we’re headed towards. Expedia stocks, EXPE stocks, and Boeing stocks, BA stocks, airlines have been doing very well with 1100% returns. People always need to travel so finding a necessary service to invest in is a good idea. Starbucks stocks, SBUX stocks, had a 1300% in 9 years. It’s a popular brand that’s very addictive, and people will always drink coffee. Tesla stocks, TSLA stocks, up 1800% since it’s IPO. Electric and self driving cars will be the future and Tesla might just keep growing like crazy when those become the norm. These are all ten bagger stocks in the stock market. They will likely continue to rise so if you want to get rich quickly, invest in trends like these.

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