Remember when hip hop was fresh and fun! From b-boy dancing, to the DJ scratching and mixing records, to the coolest 80’s hip hop movies and trends…it’s all here. Re-take this quick journey down hip hop’s early years. My next installment, The Golden Age, will focus on the ladies of hip hop, gangsta rap, east coast versus west coast, and so much more! Thanks for watching.

*Video typo correction*
Documentary NOT Ducumentary!

**Credits for interviews, sounds, & images**

Some images and sounds shown courtesy of the hip hop sneaker documentary “Just for Kicks” and “I Am Hip Hop: The Chicago Hip Hop Documentary.” The Fat Boys and LL. Cool J. images shown courtesy of Ebony Jet videos.

Doug. E. Fresh interview shown courtesy of Beatbox Battle TV.

Busy Bee Interview conducted by Steven Hager. To hear the entire interview click here:

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