Hillary Clinton wants to send thanks to everyone, but most importantly the “b*tches.”

Twitter went ablaze Friday night when a video was going around of the 2016 Democratic nominee praising the public for their support in the fight against keeping sexual assault a secret. Thanks to Huffington Post commentator Alex Mohajer, the world saw a unique, yet awkward side of Clinton.

Hillary started off great by thanking people for their “feminism, activism” and hoped they would “keep up the good work.” Normal, right? Well, that’s when things took a turn.

Apparently, a person behind the camera reminded her to shout out the “activist b*tches supporting b*tches.” Hillary, then, laughed, looked back at the camera and said:

“And let me just say, this is directed to the activist b*tches supporting b*tches. So let’s go!”

Even though it seemed to be out of harmless fun, not everyone saw it that way. The viral video sparked conversations of questions and criticism regarding what the comment was about. Mohajer, however, sought to clear things up on Mashable.

“I co-founded an advocacy group/podcast called Bros 4 America, though during the election season we were Bros 4 Hillary and began as a tongue in cheek response to the misogynistic and racial overtures we saw gaining traction in the other campaigns at the time,” said Mohajer.

Mohajer went on to say “Our message was simple: our ‘Bros’ are all of us, and all are welcome, and accordingly we built a majority-female group that numbers around 45,000 across our different platforms… One of our members was at a lunch with Hillary in New York and asked her to shout out her group of feminist activists literally called ‘Activist Bitches Supporting Bitches,’ several of whom are also Bros 4 America, so was shared with us. It’s a funny moment and a reminder of her trademark strength and humor…”

Watch the video above.

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