LaVar Ball is ready to launch his own league but is finding a hard time recruiting participants.

Ball has been planning to execute the next big move to grow the Ball family business name. His Junior Basketball Association is designed to be an alternative professional league choice for high school players who don’t want to take the college route and join the NCAA. Unfortunately, even though the patriarch is convinced it’s the right decision for his son, LiAngelo, not everyone thinks it’s the best choice for themselves.

High school recruiting site, Tipton Edits, reported that Ball has been trying to recruit players through social media DMs. So far, about 80 high school players have been reached out to, to be considered for JBA.

However, they’ve all reportedly turned down his offer. Though the reasons were not explained, two prospects didn’t hesitate to put LaVar on blast for the way he’s been going about recruiting.

Complex showed screenshots taken by Jalen Carey from New Jersey, and Tyler Herro, a player from Wisconsin, who were two of the “top picks” for the start-up league. Even though LaVar is facing some criticism, there’s high doubt the Big Baller Brand CEP will give up.

Take a look at the screenshots above.

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