“Today is a day that you enjoy family and friends, I’m a vegan so I won’t be enjoying the festivities of the Turkey, Ham, Dressing and Gravy but I will enjoy the laughter, stories with my family.  My mom and brothers are here so I’m thankful for that, my kids that I adore dearly as well as all my business partners” FREEWAY RICK ROSS

“I’m very thankful for my family and friends, I will eat, laugh, eat more and sleep lol but seriously, thanksgiving is a day that you thank god for the entire year that you’ve been blessed for waking up to see another day, food is happiness, bless the cooks that prepared the meal then get back on the grind” SUAVE CHURCHILL

“Today Should NOT be the only day we express thanks and love.  Choose today to spread love forever and always, to ALL of my beautiful Friends, Family, Artist and Business Partners…oh & the ugly ones too!!! (you know I don’t discriminate) lol J/K love you…HAPPY THANKSGIVING ” TIFFANY GAINES

“Today isn’t mothers day but the love that we receive from our mothers, aunts and Big Momma’s working hard in the kitchen, we’re very thankful for all you do on this day.  The pies, cakes etc…YOUR ARE APPRECIATED” Blessings to you all on this day, regardless if you’re rich or poor, everyones on this day is rich” Richard Morrow


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