James Gunn, director of the two “Guardians of the Galaxy” films, is offering $100,000 if President Donald Trump will step on a scale.

Gunn’s unusual proposition came hours after White House doctor Ronny Jackson said on Tuesday that the president was 6′3″ and weighed 239 pounds, or one pound shy of the level that would be considered obese.

The filmmaker and other Trump critics didn’t buy it. Mocking Trump’s involvement in the debunked “birther” conspiracy theory that claimed President Barack Obama wasn’t born in the United States, Twitter users created the #Girther hashtag to question Jackson’s claims.

Some even demanded to see Trump’s #GirthCertificate.

James Gunn

I will give 100 thousand dollars to Trump’s favorite charity if he will step on an accurate scale with an impartial medical professional, okayed by both of us. For real. #Girther #GirtherMovement

7:05 PM – Jan 16, 2018
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Gunn’s bounty echoed Trump’s 2012 offer of $5 million to charity if Obama would release his college transcripts. When asked what charity Trump might pick, Gunn replied:

16 Jan

Robert Challender
Replying to @edsimmons5050 and 2 others
So he could then have the Foundation commission a $100 portrait of himself to hang in the lobby of his country club.

Oh wait…

James Gunn

I would be afraid that it’s the Ku Klux Klan but there’s no way in hell he’s 239 pounds, so I don’t have to worry about it.

7:22 PM – Jan 16, 2018
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Gunn made it clear that his offer wasn’t about body-shaming the president:

James Gunn

This has nothing to do with fat shaming. It has to do with a continuous pattern of fabricating facts by both Trump and his administration. https://twitter.com/RoscoRoberts1/status/953454528283758592 …

8:32 PM – Jan 16, 2018
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For good measure, Gunn also shared images of others for comparison, including this one:

View image on Twitter
View image on Twitter

James Gunn

A picture of a 6’3” man standing next to a 6’1” man and their wives.

8:34 PM – Jan 16, 2018
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Not surprisingly, the #Girther hashtag began to trend on Twitter:

Richard Hine
Clearly, we’re going to need to see the long-form digital readout from the scale Dr. Ronny Jackson used #Girther https://twitter.com/genetic_warrior/status/953383931054903297 …

11:24 PM – Jan 16, 2018
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View image on Twitter
View image on Twitter

Gersh Kuntzman

For the record, @realDonaldTrump said he was 74 inches in 2012. Now his doctor says he’s 75 inches. And that one inch makes is BMI “overweight” not “obese.” I’m a #girther because old men don’t GROW an inch!

3:45 PM – Jan 16, 2018
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Chris Hayes

Has anyone coined “girther” for those who belive the president weighs more than his doctor reports?

3:33 PM – Jan 16, 2018
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Yes, we’re calling it the Girther Movement. @realDonaldTrump must step on a scale on live TV, and let beauty contestants judge the results. #GirtherMovement #Girther https://twitter.com/chrislhayes/status/953379719843602432 …

4:36 PM – Jan 16, 2018
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Alexander “Stable Genius” Hamilton
So Dr. Ronny Jackson says Trump is 6′ 3″ & 239lbs

That makes his BMI 29.9

These are the BMI classifications
Normal weight: BMI is 18.5 to 24.9
Overweight: BMI is 25 to 29.9
Obese: BMI is 30 or more

Seems to me like they lied just enough so Trump wouldn’t be considered obese.🤔

6:33 PM – Jan 16, 2018
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james p cavanaugh
#Girther. I’ve got people in Hawaii looking into his weight, and you won’t believe what they are finding.

9:55 PM – Jan 16, 2018
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Eric D. Snider, 6’3″, 239 lbs.

Petition to make Trump release the long-form girth certificate. #girther

4:01 PM – Jan 16, 2018
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Interim User Name
I think the #girther movement is my new favorite thing the internet has ever done

6:15 PM – Jan 16, 2018
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